Outdoor Quartz (Inorganic Quartz) Available Now

Traditional quartz surface has been the most popular material for indoor surface for many years, especially for the kitchen tops. But it hasn’t been widely used for the wall and flooring due to its limitness… While in recent years, we can see an increasing demand for high-end, environment-friendly artificial surface material for wall and flooring in big commercial and residential projects, so we launched our inorganic quartz surface. Due to it’s super performance, the inorganic quartz could also be used for outdoor space.

What's outdoor Quartz (inorganic Quartz) Stone?

Inorganic quartz is compared to organic quartz, which uses resin as adhesive. The main component of inorganic quartz is still quartz sand, but it uses inorganic cement as the adhesive, the pigment is also inorganic.

advantage of Outdoor Quartz (Inorganic Quartz)

The inorganic quartz still has all the advantages of traditional resin type quartz surface, whatsmore, it’s toxic-free and weather-resistant.

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Performance of Milestone's qutdoor Inorganic Quartz

Milestone’s inorganic quartz uses quartz sand with a Mohs hardness of 7 as the aggregate, with inorganic binders and inorganic pigments, is produced by single-piece pression and formed by vacuum high-frequency vibration technology, no resin binder is added in the production process, it is a green building material. 

Our inorganic quartz is added with anti-pan-alkali factor, which has a long-term anti-pan-alkali effect. It features with high hardness, not easy to bend, not easy to wear, low water absorption (only 0.2%), can withstand high temperature, good weather resistance, easy to clean and maintain, healthy and no radiation, etc. It can save more cost in further processing and maintenance. With these superior physical properties: our inorganic quartz could be finished with several options: polished, honed, leathered, antique, chiselled, flamed etc.

Available Dimension

Our inorganic quartz surface is in the size of 3230x1630mm, 3030x1530mm, 1620x800mm, 1520x750mm; slab thickness available in: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. Further fabrication service could also be provided.

Application Gallery

Due to its excellent performance, Milestone’s inorganic quartz has been widely used in commercial buildings, subway public spaces, villas, real estate, office buildings, schools, hotels, banks, hospitals, terminals, exhibition centers and other places. The products are used in outdoor, indoor, wall, floor, window sill, bathroom vanity top, kitchen countertop, tabletop, bar counter, dining table, coffee table, swimming pool, etc.

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Milestone offers plenty of designs and patterns for our outdoor inorganic quartz, from the most popular crystal series to pattern series, from pure colors series to mosaic series… customization is also available. MOQ for customization is 450sqm per design.



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