Terrazzo Table OEM

Milestone not only supply terrazzo slabs, but also provide OEM service for high quality Terrazzo Dining Table, Terrazzo Coffee Table, Terrazzo Side Table, Terrazzo End Table, Terrazzo Console Table, Terrazzo TV Stand, Terrazzo Bar Table, Terrazzo Drink Table, Terrazzo Accent Table, Terrazzo Plant Stand for premium furniture companies and brands, hotels, restaurants, cafe shops etc.

terrazzo dining table TD600

Why Terrazzo Tables?

There’re many material options for the table tops, including hard wood, tempered glass, MDF, metal or natural marble. While in these 2 years, Terrazzo has been a sudden surge in popularity in the interior space. 

The Terrazzo Table becomes the hot-ticket item, not only because of its European touches, but also due to its uniqueness, versatility, aesthetics & durability. 

Terrazzo is a composite material, It consists of various aggregates of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell or other suitable materials. It then uses either a cement or epoxy matrix as the binder and pressed to solid block by high pressure machine. The density is much higher than the naturally cured terrazzo. With proper sealing, it’s not only durable but also heat/water/stain-resistant.

The mixture of various aggregates and pigment can create limitless patterns, which makes it a great eye-catching material for any space. Terrazzo is also mostly found in neutral and versatile color schemes these days, with accents of marble and other materials for a dazzling effect; this means that the material tends to work with any aesthetic and contemporary space.

Our Advantages

Abundant Raw Material Supply

We offer up to 100 terrazzo colors that exude timeless beauty and durability. From classic tones to bold hues, our diverse palette matches any design or application demand.

Self-Owned Table Top Fabrication Factory

We specialize in customized table tops and are proficient in various materials and styles, creating creative pieces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing for our clients.

Large Scale Table Base Affilicate Factory

Our table base factory produces metal table bases that suit restaurant, hotel, and café markets. We have advanced machinery and professional staff to offer you exceptional products and customer service at a competitive price.

Why Choose Milestone As Your Terrazzo Table OEM supplier?

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How to Order Terrazzo Tables From Milestone?

Follow the easy 3 Steps to order terrazzo tables from Milestone International.

Step #1: Choose Table Top Color

Step #2: Specify Table Top Shape & Size

Step #3: Choose Table Base

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Terrazzo Table Category & Inspiration

Terrazzo Dining Table TD603

Terrazzo Dining Table

terrazzo dining table TD600


Top Material: Concrete Terrazzo Base Material: Carbon Steel / Metal Top Size: Customized

terrazzo dining table TD601-1


Top Material: Concrete Terrazzo Base Material: Carbon Steel / Metal Top Size: Customized

terrazzo dining table TD602


Top Material: Concrete Terrazzo Base Material: Carbon Steel / Metal Top Size: Customized

Terrazzo Coffee Table


Big Table Size: 80×80×36H cm
Small Table Size: 50×50×48H cm

coffee table set


Big Table Size: 80×80×36H cm
Small Table Size: 50×50×48H cm

nesting tables


Big Table Size: 80×80×45H cm Small Table Size: 60×60×35H cm

Terrazzo End/Side Table


Table Size: 42×42×52H cm

Terrazzo End Table


Table Size: 42×42×52H cm


Table Size: 50×50×52H cm

Terrazzo Garden Table

terrazzo garden table (3)


Table Size: 60×60×40H cm

terrazzo garden table (1)


Table Size: 60×40×55H cm

terrazzo garden table (2)


Table Size: 180×180×74H cm


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