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Milestone’s fabrication factory was established in 2000, locates in Shuitou, Fujian Province of China. It is one of the leading comprehensive natural stone fabricators, quartz fabricators, granite and marble fabricators. We are extremely knowledgeable in all kinds of stone fabrication and have the most advanced equipment. Our product ranges from countertops, vanity tops, table tops, project cut-to-size, wall & floor tiles, stairs, window sills and other required carvings from engineered quartz, artificial marble, natural granite, marble, travertine, onyx etc. Our customer base includes both Chinese and international businesses within the hospitality, residential & commercial markets. Since we began our business, Milestone’s fabrication facility has been committed to working closely with our customers providing premium quality product and considerable service at competitive prices.

Features of the stone fabricators & countertop factory


Locate in Shuitou Town, Fujian Province, which is the biggest stone market of China. It has 70% of the natural and engineered stone worldwide. That allows us the access to any first-hand block or slab at the lowest rate.

Area of Factory

Our fabricating factory has overal area of 3000 square meters, it's a large-scale and professional operated fabricating expert with monthly processing capacity of 100,0000 square meters.

Number of Workers

40-50 people (including subcontract workers)

Experience of Workers

All the workers will be trained before working in our factory. Most of them have 5-20 years experience in stone fabricating and processing, so we're very clear about all the quality standard for different market.

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Our Main Services

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Countertop & Vanity Top Manufacturing

As one of the best professional engineered stone and natural stone fabricators, countertop & vanity top manufacturig is no doubt one of our main service. We not only produce and wholesale prefab countertops & vanity tops, we also manufacture any custom commercial countertops and vanity tops for hotel & multi-family projects.

Cut-To-Size & Project Customization

The other main service our stone fabrication factory provides is cut-to-size and customization service for any residential & commercial projects. We’ll offer comprehensive project solution includes material suggestion & purchasing according to your project needs, cut-to-size fabrication, quality inspection , installation guide and after sales service. 

Regular Cut-To-Size Dimension:

300x300mm    300x600mm

600x600mm    600x1200mm

or any other size as per requirement

Finish Available:

Polished, Honed, Flamed, 

Sandblasted, Bush hammered,

Chiselled, Waterjet, Leathered etc.

How to order from us:

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Material Available In:

Engineered Quartz
Artificial Marble
Other Natural Stone

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Office: Jimei, Xiamen China

Factory: Shuitou, Fujian, China

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