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What is quartz stone?

When we talk about Quartz Stone, it actually refers to the artificial or engineered or manufacturerd quartz stone, it has the other names like Engineered Quartz, Quartz Surface, Quartz Solid Surface. Engineered Quartz is a manmade product created mostly from natural materials. It’s usually made of 90 to 93 percent quartz and 7 to 10 percent resins and pigments that are combined into durable and nonporous slabs.  Milestone’s Quartz is just the revolutionary engineered stone made from 93% quartz sand and 7% resins and pigments.


Why Quartz Stone?

The strength of quartz, even in a manufactured form, makes it naturally resistant to abrasion, scratches, dents, and even acids without the need for sealants. Quartz stone is the best surfacing stone. Quartz stone surface has good strength, hardness, toughness and chemical stability and high temperature resistance, which can satisfy various demands of the customer’s utilization at the same time, it is especially appropriate for the requirements of high temperature, high pressure and special use.Due to the superior performance, Quartz Surface is the ideal material for kitchen countertop and high end residential & commercial projects.

Why Milestone Quartz Surface?

Made In Grand China

China has the most complete industrial chain, from raw material mining, to finished product manufacturing and subsequent logistics and transportation, China is the largest and most complete quartz stone production base

3 Production Base Cooperated

3 production bases in Fujian, Henan, Shandong provinces of China cooperate in production to maximize the regional advantages

up To 10 expertise Production Line

Up to 10 production lines from our 3 production bases can turn out several hundred thousands of square meter quartz slabs per year, capable of fulfilling huge demand for quartz stone

Hundreds of Hot colors for selection

We have hundreds of quartz colors for your selection, from the hottest calaccata series, to cement grey colors, to pure white colors, any popular colors in the market you can see

Custom Color or OEM orders acceptable

If you don't like our existing colors, we can also provide the customization serivce for you. Just simply provide us your quartz samples, then we can customize according to your color

Further Fabrication Service Provided

We not only wholesale quartz slabs, we can also offer further fabrication service for you like the cut-to-size serivce, countertop & vanity top manufacturing service

Hot Collections

Calacatta Series
Marble Looking Series
Pure White Series
Black Series
Grey Series
Crystal Mirror Series

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Also, have a look at our production

Production Base

Milestone has 3 quartz slab production bases from Fujian, Henan & Shandong Province. With totally 10 auto quartz slab production lines, we can turn out several hundred thousands of square meters quartz slabs per year. From premium to economic series, we can comprehensively cover various customers’ needs.

quartz stone manufacturing process

Material Selection

Material Mixing

Material Layout

Slab Pressing

Slab Baking

Slab Polishing

Quality Checking

quartz slab production flow-further fabrication

Further Fabrication

Let Milestone Handle Your Next Quartz Stone Project!

Our Services

quartz stone slab

Quartz Slab Wholesale

As one of the best quartz solid surface manufacturers, suppliers,  companies, Milestone mainly offers the China quartz stone wholesale service for engineered stone and natural stone wholesalers, distributors, contractors, retailers etc.

Quartz Countertop Manufacturing

To provide deep and further service for our clients, Milestone’s fabrication factory also provides the fabrication and manufacturing service of quartz countertops & vanity tops…

quartz stone countertops
quartz surface cut to size project

Cut-To-Size Service for Projects

The other function of Milestone’s fabricating factory is to provide the cut-to-size service for any project, available in materials like Engineered Quartz, Granite, Marble and other regular materials for projects.


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