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Milestone’s countertop factory has over decade years experience of providing countertops and related products. From the kitchen to the bath, and anywhere in between, no one offers a wider variety of countertop styles and materials. We have a variety of high quality solid surface material readily available, like engineered quartz, natural granite, natural marble, engineered marble, sintered stone and nano glass.

Whether you’re looking for prefab countertops for wholeselling, or custom countertops for your hotel or multifamily projects, we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Milestone has made it our mission to provide the highest quality design, manufacturing and shipping service to all of our clients.

milestone's countertop factory

The Countertop Factory Introduction

Milestone’s countertop fabrication factory locates in Shuitou Town, Fujian Province, which is the biggest stone market of China. It has 70% of the natural and engineered stone worldwide. That allows us the access to any first-hand block or slab at the lowest rate…

Popular manufactured countertop materials

calacatta quartz countertop

Engineered Quartz

Due to the superior performance of scratch, heat, stain, corrosion resistance, engineered quartz is definitely the best material for kitchen countertops.

granite countertops

Being durable, granite is one of the most exquisite materials used for kitchen work surface. Each kind of granite countertops surface will show different design effect based on their specific properties. Green, black, yellow and white color are quite popular, especially for multi-family and apartment projects.

marble countertops


Natural marble has been popular because of its gentle color and luxuriant touch, making people feel comfortable and forget the cold usually from stone, with both popular and durable. We have marble available from from China, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and so on.

Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone is becoming more and more popular for the kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops because of its high density, nonporous, and wider variety of patterns and veins.

artificial marble vanity top

Artificial Marble

Engineered Marble, also with the name of Cultured Marble, Artificial Marble or Faux Marble. It is a blend of stone particles and resins that is combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and natural looking patterns. Artificial marble is the hot pick for bathroom vanity tops due to its cost-effectiveness.

nano glass countertops

Nano Glass

Nanoglass is also called Nano Crystallized Glass, Pure White Nanoglass, Neoparies, Artificial White Marble, Glass Stone. Nano glass is manufactured from a blend of natural materials that is 75 percent silica and 25 percent other natural minerals. Quite a lot people like this pure white material for hygienic countertops.

China Juparana Prefab Granite
prefab vanity top

Standard Size For Prefab Countertops

Prefab kitchen countertop come in standard sizes like 96 x 26 inch, 96 x 30 inch, 96 x 36 inch, 72 x 36 inch, 48 x 72 inch, 84 x 76 inch and 108 x 26 inch. The standard vanity tops usually come in 22"x25"x3/4", 22"x31"x3/4", 22"x37"x3/4", 22"x49"x3/4", 22"x 61"x3/4", etc.
Vanity top can come with integrated ceramic sink or not.

Popular Material For Prefab Countertop

Prefabrication isn’t limited to any specific material, both natural stone and engineered stone are popular choice for precut countertops. Granite, engineered quartz are mostly used for kitchen countertops, while marble, quartz, artificial marble or cultured marble are widely used for bathroom vanity tops.

Wholesale Prefabricated Countertops for prefab stone Wholesalers,distributors & Retailers

What is prefab countertop?

Pre fabricated countertops are also named pre manufactured countertops. They're pre cut to fit a standard counter or vanity. These countertops are already cut to size and have a finished edge. Many times, it's a standard eased straight edge or bullnose edge. Prefabricated countertops for bathrooms often come with a ceramic sink attached already. Since kitchens vary in size, it's less common for prefab kitchen counters to come with a hole for the sink. Most of the prefab stone wholesaler and distributor will include a finished back splash or side splashes with the countertop and vanity top.

Why Prefabricated Countertops?

The standardized, limited range of manufacturing options can often greatly reduce costs, which are then passed on to the consumer. Installation also tends to be a lot faster, and most prefab stone suppliers even throw in a backsplash for no additional cost.Since the countertops are already cut to a standard size with finished edges, installation is easier and quicker than with a typical countertop slab.

As a professional prefab countertop manufacturer and supplier, Milestone offer many economic and premium natural and engineered stone material for choice, welcome prefab stone wholesalers, distributors and retailers to contact us for cooperation. 

custom commercial Countertop Supply for Hospitality & Multi-Family Projects

multifamily house

Multi-Family Countertops

Regardless of whether the project specifies the use of granite, quartz or marble, we are your trusted resource partner to meet all your project needs. We have extensive experience in providing granite, quartz stone and marble applications for apartments and condominiums. Every project, large or small, is completed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail. All CAD drawings and details will be confirmed before production and carefully checked before shipment. Contact us now for prices and visit our facilities. Let us bring changes to your next project.

vanity top for hotels

Hospitality, Hotel Countertops

Whether you are working on a hotel renovation or a new construction project, Milestone can help you. We cooperated with all major hotel chains and are familiar with the design and color requirements of the new project. We also understand that the renovation project requires special consideration in terms of schedule, stage, work flow and work site demeanor. We can help you order the correct sizes, products and other matching accessories. Finally, our shipping team has experience to ship any items directly to your site on time.

As a project countertops company, Milestone Countertops are proudly used
in the following hotels and vindors

countertops project partners

Need Other related Products For your project?

steel sinks

Stainless Steel Sink

ceramic sinks

Ceramic Sink

vanity base

Vanity Base

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Countertop Edge Profile

With experienced workers, Milestone can offer various Stone Edge Profiles to choose from. Simple types like flat eased and bullnose are the most economical and popular. You can also require laminated edge as you like, for example, laminated bullnose, laminated Ogee. Our skillful staff will make it seamless as we can. 

countertops edge-straight

Eased Edge

1/4 round

1/4 Round

1/4 bevel

1/4 Bevel

1/4 round Top & Bottom

1/4 Round T&B

countertops edge profile-half bullnose

Half Bullnose

countertops edge profile-half bevel

Half Bevel

countertops edge profile-full bullnose

Full Bullnose

countertops edge profile-demi bullnose

Demi Bullnose

Bevel T&B

Bevel T&B

1 inch bevel

1 Inch Bevel

countertops edge profile-ogee


countertops edge profile-dupont


countertops edge profile-flat ogee

Flat Ogee

countertops edge profile-cove dupont

Cove Dupont

countertops edge profile-ogee bull

Ogee Bull

countertops edge profile-half ogee

Half Ogee

countertops edge profile-waterfall


countertops edge profile-double bullnose

Double Bullnose

countertops edge profile-cove


countertops edge profile-hollywood bevel

Hollywood Bevel

countertops edge profile-stair thread

Stair Thread

countertops edge profile-platner


countertops edge profile-cove ogee

Cove Ogee

countertops edge profile-deep ogee

Deep Ogee

cove bullnose

Cove Bullnose

countertops edge profile-crescent




countertops edge profile-rope


countertops edge profile-laminated bullnose

Laminated Bullnose

countertops edge profile-round and straight

Round & Eased

countertops edge profile-ogee and straight

Ogee & Eased

countertops edge profile-half bevel and eased

Half Bevel & Eased

countertops edge profile-laminated straight

Laminated Straight

1 4 round and eased

1/4 Round & Eased

1 4 bevel and straight

1/4 Bevel & Eased

countertops edge profile-mitered


1 4 round and half bullnose

1/4 Round & Half Bullnose

countertops edge profile-laminated and half bullnose

Laminated Half Bullnose

countertops edge profile-ogee and half bullnose

Ogee & Half Bullnose

countertops edge profile-ogee and full bullnose

Ogee & Full Bullnose

countertops edge profile-laminated ogee

Laminated Ogee

countertops edge profile-ogee and 1 4 round

Ogee & 1/4 Round

countertops edge profile-laminated insert

Laminated Insert

countertops edge profile-ogee and inverted ogee

Ogee & Inverted Ogee

cove dupont and ogee

Cove Dupont & Ogee

cove dupont and half bullnose

Cove Dupont & Half Bullnose

cove dupont and full bullnose

Cove Dupont & Full Bullnose

cove dupont and 1 4 round

Cove Dupont & 1/4 Round

countertop fabrication process

countertop factory tour-block cutting
Cut The Block into Slabs
countertop factory tour (2)-slab polishing
Polish the slab
countertop factory tour (3)-cut to countertop slab size
Cut to countertop size
countertop factory tour (5)-edge profile
Profile to desired edges
countertops sink cutout
Sink & Tap Holes Cut Out
Back Anchor & Steel bars installed if needed
countertop factory tour (11)-edge polishing
Edge and sink cutout polishing
countertop factory tour (6)-sink install
Sink Installed if needed
finished countertop layout for inspection

How we pack countertops

Packing is a key point during the transportation. A good package can not only make the goods easy to transport, but also protect the product during long-distance transportation. Milestone tried our utmost to make the package better. Each countertop will be packed face to face to avoid scratches. The wooden crate will be protected by foam from 5 sides to prevent any damage to the countertop. Besides, we chose 3/4″ thick wood to make the crate, it can give the countertops enough support and protection. In addition, you will see several packing strips on the outside and steel nuts in the corners to strengthen the crate. Last but not least, about 4 inches (10 cm) high wooden feet will be left at the bottom of the crate, so any forklift can easily handle the package.

our Countertops work


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